Mission Statement

Our company mission demonstrates our purpose as a business and serves as our standard against which we weigh all business decisions and actions:

"To provide our customers with suitable, timely and quality IT products and service that reflects our experience and expertise as an organisation. We aim to provide IT solutions that increase efficiency and productivity, so that our clients are able to serve their own needs, and their customers needs, better."

Vision Statement

Our vision serves as a framework for how we would like our business to grow in the future, and what we would like to accomplish as a company to continue effectively serving our customers' needs:

  • To be the authority  on consulting and service in the IT Industry in South East Queensland and be recognised as such outside of our geographical area.
  • To maintain an excellent reputation amongst our peers and customers alike based on expertise, innovation and efficient business practice.
  • Continue developing innovative software that meets our customers' needs and makes their business practices easier and simpler.
  • To eliminate confusion and frustration related to technology in the workplace by providing exemplary training, service and technical support.


  • Internet, networking & server requirements
  • Software and hardware supply, installation and support
  • Consulting Solutions
  • Upgrades & Repairs
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Backup & Storage
  • Business PABX system installation
  • 24/7 technical support

Call our help desk
Monday to Friday
for technical support. We
also offer 24/7
service in the case of an emergency

TEL : (07) 3209 4477