What We Do

InterSoft aims to be the 'One-Stop-Shop' for all business' IT needs.


Network Support  

InterSoft is located at Springwood, Brisbane. We can supply virtually all small to large business' IT needs in Australia . We provide:

  • Software - both off the shelf and custom built  including our very own email archiving and retrieval system, inCommand and our Remote Desktop Solution, RDPlus.
  • A wide range of hardware including computer parts (motherboards, hard drives etc.) as well as custom built workstations, servers, computers  and more.
  • We import and supply OpenVox VOIP cards and provide VOIP communication devices.
  • Internet, networking and server requirements for all sized businesses
  • Business PABX systems and phone solutions for business, including supply of phone handsets, PABX system, installation etc
  • Consulting services to evaluate your current business system and determine how to best achieve efficiency
  • Data storage and backup
  • and much more!

Remote Desktop Technology

While our technicians are available on site, we also provide our clients with Remote Desktop technology, a more efficient and convenient method for solving technical problems.

This technology allows our technicians to resolve technical issues through remote access, without the need to rectify the problem on-site. Subsequently, this technology allows InterSoft to further improve the quality of service, efficiency and response time whilst effectively reducing costs for our clients.


ICT Telstra Distributor

As a Telstra distributor we are able to supply all Telstra related products and services including:

  • Telstra landline connection,
  • mobile phones and plans,
  • mobile broadband,
  • Telstra Bigpond Broadband,
  • wireless and fixed services and more.

We became a Telstra Distributor so that we could provide a complete  IT and telecommunication service to our customers, as per our 'One-Stop-Shop' mentality. Click here for more information.


Cost Effective IT Solutions

In conjunction with providing computer related equipment, we also assist our clients by providing various cost effective solutions to their needs.

We understand the diversity between businesses - even those operating within the same field - and customise our solutions to best suit the required concept. Whether you require a cost efficient or a high performance system, we aim to offer the best possible solutions for our customers.

IT Support Springwood



  • Internet, networking & server requirements
  • Software and hardware supply, installation and support
  • Consulting Solutions
  • Upgrades & Repairs
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Backup & Storage
  • Business PABX system installation
  • 24/7 technical support

Call our help desk
Monday to Friday
for technical support. We
also offer 24/7
service in the case of an emergency

TEL : (07) 3209 4477